Low Cost Housing Projects

452 Lowcost Houses at Madinat Al Rahba
102 Lowcost Houses at Al Samaha
30 Lowcost Houses at Al Hayer
88 Lowcost Houses at Shahama
106 Lowcost Houses at Wathba
51 Lowcost Houses at Mafraq
30 Lowcost Houses at Baniyas
160 Lowcost Houses at Shawamikh
56 Lowcost Houses at Shuweib
131 Lowcost Houses at Al Remah
30 Lowcost Houses at Ras Al Khaimah

Police Stations and Prison Projects

Police Station at Madinat Al Rabha
Detention Prison at Abu Dhabi
Ajman Prison
Central Prison at Jumeirah
G+3 Police Station at Murraqqabat
Traffic Police Stations
New Naif Police Station
Police Officers Barracks At Rashidiya
Fujairah Prison
Extension to Sharjah Prison

Sub - Station Projects

132 KV Sub Station at Asab & Bab
3 Water Transmissions Sub-Stations for WED Abu Dhabi
Stair Balustrades for 3 Water Transmissions Sub Stations for WED Abu Dhabi
Substation at Medina Zayed, Ghantoot and Samaha
Electric Sub-Station E-48
Electric Sub-Station - Abu Mureikha
Etisalat Sub Station at Ajman
132/11 K.V. Sub-Station
Etisalat Sub Station at Mankhool
West Coast Inter-Connection 132/11 KV and Scader Communication
132/11 KV Sub Strations at Golden Sands
132/11 KV Sub Station at Emirates Hills
132/11 KV Sub Station at Dubai Festival City
132/11 KV Sub Station at Hudhaiba
132/11 KV Sub Station at Hadeeqa
132/11 KV Sub Station at Ittihad

Industrial / Warehouse Projects

Abu Dhabi Food Company Warehouse
Food & Environment Inspection Laboratory
Dates Processing Factory at Al Ain
Arabian Can Industry, Jebel Ali
Free Zone Warehouse for DNATA
Dubal Chlorine Storage Building Extension
Bridgestone Building, Jebl Ali Free Zone Area
National Cable Factory
Abu Dhabi Industrial City
Perfume Factory

Villas / Residential Complexes / Camps

Adnoc Residential Complex At Khalidiya City
34 villas For P.S.D.
Ten Villas For H.E. Sh. Ahmed Al Obaidly
Gasco Asab Residential Complex
Bab Residential Complex
Buhasa Residential Complex
2 Villas for Mr. Sharif Al Aidrous
100 Villas for Police Officers at Mussafah
2 Villas for Mr. Abdul Qadir Qasim
2 Villas for Mr. Syed Ismail Al Syed Essa
Vili-as for Mr. Jaber Hayee Al Mansoori
4 Villas for Mr. Mohsin Al Falahi
Villa for Mr. Hamda Shaheen Al Marri
Villa for Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohd. Fares Bin Hamoodah
Hilal AI Mansouri Complex
Abu Dhabi Complex
Sahil Field Development Project
86 Villas at Abu Dhabi
M/s Easternís Villa
Villa for H. E. Ali Bin Ahmed
Villa for Saeed Helal
The Jumeirah Island for Nakheel Properties
The Springs - Town Houses Development for EMAAR
145 Villas ForH.H. Sh. Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
20 Villas For H.H. Sh. Mohd. Obaid Al Maktoum
25 Villas For H.H. Sh. Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Jebel Ali Free Zone Labour Camp
39 Villas For Mr. Easa Saleh Al Gurg
145 Villas for Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum
Zabeel Palace Tent Majlis
Al Issili Stables Villa
Villa Complex for Mohd. Al Abbar Nad Al Shiba
Labour Camp Building for Jebel Ali Free Zone Area
Staff Accommodation for A.M.B.B./\ at Nad al Shiba
Staff & Labour Accommodation for Sheraton Plaza
24 Dutco Villas at Emirates Hills
40 Villas for Dutco
Arabian Ranches Phase 4
40 Villas at Hudaiba
829 Villas agt Arabian Ranches
222 Villas at Arabian Ranches
Chinatown - Chinamex Apartments
The Springs 6 at Emirate Hills
Grand Hyatt Staff Accommodation
120 Tecom Villas at Dubai Internet City
Villa for Mr. Mammen Varghese at Emirate Hills
92 Villas at Dubai Creek Golf & Yatch Club
G+M+13 Building
Accommodation for NCOís School at Aweer
Neighbourhood Centre, Muhaisanah

Defence Projects

Elecctronic Warfare Regiment at Zayed Cantonment
MW-1149 - Defence
MW-1118 - Defence
MW-1124 - Defence
MW-1149 - Defence
MW-1151 - Defence
MW-1160 - Defence
MW-1182 - Defence
MW-1199 - Defence
MW-1201 - Defence
MW-1202 - Defence
MW-1281R - Defence
MW-1306 - Defence
MW-1325 - Defence
MW-1350 - Defence
MW-1433 - Defence
MW-1454 - Defence
MW-1467- Defence
MW-1486 - Defence
MW-1518 - Defence
MW-1521 - Defence
MW-1529 - Defence
MW-1552 - Defence
MW-1553 - Defence
MW-1555 - Defence
MW-1570 - Defence
MW-1596 - Amiri Flight
MW-1604 - Defence
MW-1605 - Defence
MW-1606 - Defence
MW-1615 - Defence
MW-1622 - Defence
MW-1624R- Defence
MW-1647 - Defence
MW-1657 - Defence
MW-1683 - Defence
MW-1697R- Defence
MW-1726 - Defence
MW-1786 - Defence
MW-1866 - Defence
MW-1881- Information Centre Building at G.I.L.Q.
MW-1894 - Defence
MW-1895A - Defence
MW-1895B - Defence
MW-1918 - Defence
MW-1597- Othman Bin Affan Regiment

Commercial / Residential Buildings

Commercial Building For H.H. Saroor Bin Sultan Al Dhaheri
Commercial Building For Mr. Abdullah Khamis Al Mahrazi
Commercial Building For Mr. Mohd. Hamel Al Qubeisi
Blue Tower
Commercial Building For Shaikha Marium Bint Sultan Al Nahyan
Commercial Building For H.E. Sh. Faisal Bin Sultan Al Qassimi
Commercial Building For Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Mubarak
Commercial Building For Mr. Juma Al Amini Building
Commercial Building ForH.H. Sh.Tahnoun
Commercial Building For Sh. Saif. Sh.Hamid Awlad Sh. Mohd. Bin Butti
Twin Commercial Building For Mr. Midfa & Mr. Jafar
Commercial Building For Al Otaiba
Commercial Building For Mr Khalid Eid Al Muraikhy
Commercial Building For Al Hamel
Commercial Building ForJumma Ali Sabah Al Rumaithy
Commercial Building For Hamoodah Bin Ali BinHamoodah
Bu-Hasa & GASCO Residential Complex
Building for Mr. Bakiheet Rashed Salem Tarabish Al Mansoori
Building for Mr. Butti Abdullah Butti Al Muhairy
Building for Dr. Abdullah Al Nuwais
Building for H.E. Sh. Hamad Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan
Building for Heirs of Ghanim Bayat AL Qubais
Building for H.H. Sheikh Latifa Bint Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahya
Building for Mr.lsmail Abbas Khoury
Building for Mr.Khadim khalfan Al Muhairy
Building for Mr.khamis Obaid Saifam Al Sabousi
Building for Mr.Mohammed Sabah Al Uraidi Al Muhairbi
Building for Mr.Ahmed Abedalla Al Nuaimy
Building for Mr.AI Khaza Mohammed Salim Al Amiri
Building for Mr.Ali Butti Qaab Al Dhahery
Building for Mr.Ateeq Ahmed Al Qubaisi
Building for Mr. Atiek Bin Mattar Fraih Al Qubaisi
Building for Mr. Butti Al Dab Al Dhahiry
Building for Mr. Fahim Sultan Al Qasmi
Building for Mr. Hamed Ahmed Khalifa Al Suwaidi
Building for Mr. Khalifa Saeed M. Al Khally
Building for Mr. Mohammad Hussain Al Ahabsabi
Building for Mr. Mohammed NaserAI Mansouri
Building for Mr. Mohammed Suhail Al Amiri
Building for Mr. Mohammed Sultan Al Darmaki
Building for Mr. Mohd. Bin Sultan Al Khaily
Building for Mr. Nadher Al Mazroui
Building for Mr. Obaid Salid Tamash Al Mansoori
Building for Mr. Qasem Ahmed Salem Al Amry
Building for Mr. Saeed Awad Al Mazroey
Building for Mr. Saeed Mahthoubi Ali Al Amiry
Building for Mr. Saeed Mohsin Al Fallah
Building for Mr. Saif Salem Al Sakoub
Building for Mr. Salim Saif Al Nuaimi
Building for Mr. Salim Tarabish Al Mansouri
Building for Mrs. Zaieekh Mohammed & Sons
Building for Mr. Saeed Mohammed Awad Al Mazroie
Building for Mr. Saif Abdulla Al Mansouri
Building for Mr. Saqr Ghobash
Building for Sh. Mohammed Bin Butti
Building for Sons of Mr. Mohd Zaal Khalifa Al Humeiry
Building for Sons of Mussallam Muflah Al Maroui
Building for Ms. Usha Abdullah

Commercial / Residential Buildings

Building Heirs of Mohammed Hey Saker Al Qubaisi
Building for Mr.Safi Obaid Safi Al Khameiry
Commercial Building for Sayed Abdulla Taj Al Hashimi
Residental Tower for Mr. SAIeem Bin Kardous Al Ameri
Building for Mr. Abdallah Abdul Jalil Al Fahim
16 Buildings for H. H. Sh. Saleh Al Sharqi
Bin Ladin Building
Commercial Building For Mr. Ziyad Al Shamsi
Building for Mr. Hilal Hamad Mohammed Al Badi
Building for Sh. Al Shaya at Al Ain
Capricorn Tower
Azure Building at Dubai Marina
Jumeirah Beach Residence 1
Jumeirah Beach Residence 3
Ewan Residence
Dubai Marina Area n Plot 4EFGH & 7Y
Marina Terrace (Damac)
Dubai Creek Tower (Residential & Commercial Complex)
Amiri Centre
Golden Sands Building
Commercial Building ForH.H. Sh. HasharMaktoum
Commercial Building For H.H. Sh. Hamad Bin Saif Al Sharqi
Commercial Building For H.H. Sh. Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
8 Residential Buildings At Al Karama
Al Rafaa Building
Bin Ladin Residential Building At Muraggabat
Sh. Salim Bin Ladin Residential Building
Sadiq Hadi Residential Building At Karama
M/s Al Gaz & Juma Al Majid Building
Muhammad Bin Mujrin Building
Abdullah Al Rostamani Building
Al Owais Building
Mirza Building
3 Building For Mr. Juma Al Majid
Adnan Bin Khalifa Building
Residential Building for Mr.Esa Saleh Al Gurg
Al Abbas Building
Omega Building
Al Rostamani Building, Bur Dubai
Glass Coating Factory, Al Guoze
Commercial /Residential Building For H.H Shaika Mariam Bin Rashid Bin Saud Al Maktoum
Residential Building for Mr. Bel Hassa
Emitec Building - Commercial & Residential
Office for Fitra International at JAFZA
Condor Residential Accommodation at JAFZA
Residential Development at Al Gusais for Mr. Moosa Abdul Rahman Hassan
United Arab Shipping Company Headquarter
Building for Ras Al Khaimah Menís & Womenís College
Al Rustamani Building
Dubai Media City Phase II & III
Dubal Administration Building
Building for Shk. Mohd. Bin Butty Al Hameed
G+1 Commercial & Residential Building at Hor Al Anz
3 Commercial Bilding Complex
Tower for H. H. Sheikh Zayed
3 Commercial & Residential Buildings

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